Do you like the new Vendor Picture Style…

Do you like the new Vendor Picture Style many Brands use at the Moment with 3D Models (No SL Avatar) made in external Programs?

8 responses to “Do you like the new Vendor Picture Style…

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  2. items advertised in SL NEED to be shots taken IN SL.. so we know exactly what we are getting, not some glossed up version to make it look better than it really is!

  3. No ! Vendor Pics like this never shown the real kind of item inworld. it is cheating against your customers. make your (the creators) pictures inworld, so that they look like it is !

  4. I dont care much for those 3d ones.. I know lots are using them now.. but then it looks like everyone else’s vendor photos.. I say real avatar photos too

  5. As long as the ad accurately reflects how the clothing looks in SL, like the Blueberry ads do…I don’t have a problem with it.

  6. No, it’s misleading the buyer. I adore how beautiful the renders look, but it’s not sl-REAL, not SL based. Same on over photoshopped ads. It may be easier for the designer to take the photo in their rendering program, or they may design for other 3d based games besides SL, like my fav Azoury. But, if you’re selling to SL, show us how it looks in SL.

  7. Renders are pretty to look at but very very misleading. Creators need to show the product as it would look in SL so that the people purchasing know what they are really going to get. I love how edited pretty pics look.. I really do! I also recognize renders, but many people do not, and think that their product will look like that, and wonder why it doesn’t when they try it on.

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